Friday, July 10, 2009


I wanted to let you all know that I asked Mary Haney to talk to Mike Owens about giving us additional pay for unpacking and setting up our new rooms. She talked to him and he will bring it up to the transition committee on Monday. She is going to let me know Monday afternoon. It seems only fair that the district should be paying us for some of the time we're spending this summer!

Also, for Lori---I have been over to Franklin and we are able to work in our rooms, but not today. I spent two full days this week but hardly made a dent in my room. (Lori, they're stripping and waxing the rooms and hallways today. They started at the end of the hallway and I assume they are working their way toward the main hallway. I noticed they delivered a white board skin to your room. I need to give you a call to talk about a couple things pertaining to setting up. I'll give you a call today (Friday).

Talk to you all later. We should meet up for happy hour, maybe next week sometime. We could go to a restaurant at Aspen Grove or somewhere else. Let me know and I'd be glad to email people!


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Deb said...

Thanks for asking about us getting some compensation for unpacking and setting up our rooms. I have spent blocks of time over 4 days to date, probably equalling to about 2 days of time. I am still not completely unpacked. Just the unpacking and trying to find new nooks and crannies for my stuff has taken me a lot of time, and the building is hot. It has worn me out.