Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hello Everyone,

Well, we made it back from Vegas alive!!! HaHa....It was very hot but we still managed to lay out at the pool everyday!

I just wanted to see if anyone would be up for a lunch next week? I think Lori is in too. We can do anyday next week! I would really love to get together and see one another before school starts and I know most of us will be working in our classrooms the first week of least I will (and probably Sue too!!!)

Talk to you soon!!!



Deb said...

Next week is too hard for me, first week of August?

Anonymous said...

I am up for it.
Tuesday doesn't work for me, though.

Janae Duclon-Snyder said...

I will check Deb...but I know that Franklin staff can get in to their classrooms for the first time the first week of August so they will be busy! How is your classroom? Have you been able to get in yet? You look like you had a blast at the beach!

debohara said...

Hey Y'All!

I'd like to get together, too, but I have things happening just about everyday this week except Friday. I'll check back on the blog to see what works for every else.

I've actually been going to Franklin for the last 3-4 weeks, a couple times each week. There was one week in there that I couldn't get down to my room because they were waxing the floors. Even still, I am nowhere near finished with emptying boxes and setting up. It's going to take a lot blood, sweat, and tears (mostly sweat and tears). I don't know about you all, but I'm starting to get a little panicked about the new school thing and all that the future holds. YIKES! YIKES! YIKES!

Let's try to do lunch soon!


ellen said...

Hi-Glad you had fun in Vegas. Believe me, if I could have gone I would have been right with you at the pool-desert heat is ok with me as long as there is a pool!
I would love to join as many as can make it some time this week or next. I am more flexible at the end of this week or Friday of next week.
Hope to see you soon,

Deb said...

If you do a happy hour or late (like after 3) lunch/early dinner this week I can go...I have training this week.

Although, the facilitator is one of the people at the LPS Literacy training we attended earlier in June and if she doesn't pep up, I think I will be getting the "flu". There is NO way I can sit through 3 days in pain.


Lori said...

I can do Friday if that works for everyone or any day next week too!

Janae Duclon-Snyder said...

Friday works for me or next week!

Lisa said...

Hi everyone! So good to see your names:) Sorry it has taken me forever to sign up! I am sure you can imagine it has been a little busy with the boys. They turned 6 months yesterday! Janae told me to go to lunch too- when are you going? Would you all be opposed to two babies there? I have some things going on this week and next, but let me know the date.

Sara Tierney said...

Hi Ladies--
I have not checked this blog in awhile. I love reading the updates from everyone and I am dying to hear how Vegas was Janae. I have my aunt visiting all this week but could maybe meet for lunch on Wed, August 5? Chris and I head to San Diego that Friday..If not, maybe we can all meet sometime that first week back?
Hope you are all having a great summer!

Lori said...

I would LOVE to see the boys Lisa!

Mr. R. said...


Let me know the date, time and location and I will be there...