Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello from South Dakota!

Hi Everyone!
I am finally a "follower" of FARTS! It is great to read what everyone has been up to- I feel like Ames is still alive in spirit. I am having a great time in South Dakota- visiting friends and family, reading lots, and actually having time to relax. My mom and I went to New York City last week (I attended the Teachers College Reading Summer Institute and she went to a different conference). We had a great time playing in my new home, saw West Side Story and Wicked (amazing) on Broadway by scoring cheap tickets on the days of the shows. I am starting to pack things for NYC as I move in 2 and 1r m/2 weeks! (yes, I just finished unpacking and now it is time to repack things- the little bit that I am taking). I have also started reading for my classes this fall- they sent our booklist and it is not exactly beach reading :)

Keep enjoying the summer- it is flying right by us! And I want to know when the first FAC in NYC will be?


Also, the Reading and Writing Summer Institutes that TC puts on each summer are AMAZING! Think about attending next summer- you all would love it and fit right in! And I may be teaching at it by then :) Here is the link:


doris said...

Hey, Sara, I was in your neighborhood recently. On a return trip from Minnesota, we went through South Dakota and saw the Corn Palace (bushels o' fun), the Bad Lands, Wall Drug (crazy place), Sturgis, Mt. Rushmore, and Crazy Horse. It was too much fun. Glad you're having a fun summer.

ellen said...

Holy smokes! You probably will be teaching that class next summer! I am sure we will be reading a Lucy book and Lucy will say, "in Sara's room...". Good luck with everything in NYC.
I am glad that you had fun there with your mom before you have to do the "serious" stuff!
The best of luck to you.

debohara said...

Hi Sara!

So nice to hear from you. It sounds like you're having a nice time in SD and enjoying a little down time with your family. But, if you're anything like me, you probably never really "stop" thinking about teaching and are always finding something to create, prepare, or read for school. Out of 6 new prof. books, I've only read one - Daily Five, which you recommended. Good ideas in it!

Have you worn your "I love Lucy" t-shirt yet? That was such a cute idea that Suzanne thought of. Speaking of, she should be close to her due date. Has anyone called her? I waved at her as we were both in our cars one day.

So you liked Wicked, huh? My friend got me a ticket to see it at the Buell in October. I can hardly wait!

Have to get to my Yoga class--I can't really do anything in it, but I pretend pretty well.

Take care all,


Lori said...

Hey Sara!
You are probably getting ready to move now! I keep thinking about NBCTS this summer and wondering if they have finished scoring our portfolios yet! Scary!
Wow! How amazing would it be if you were teaching at the Institute next summer!? Your workshop would be full in no time with all of us coming out to learn from you!
Best of luck in NYC! I can't wait to hear about everything!