Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hey guys!

Finally had time to figure this out. Thanks, Doris for pulling this all together. It's great to read all of your posts - already missin' you guys! And the halls of Ames.

Larry's home is finally on the market - WAHOO! After working on it for a year, the sign went up in the yard on Tuesday. I I feel like I've given birth, Larry says he's pulled the trigger. Ah the differences between men and women.

Sounds like everyone is busy going to conferences and institutes. I've been doing my thing at ESY - the 16th is the end. And then we're headed to Massachusetts and Rhode Island until the end of the month. Now that will be fun!!!!

I'd love to do an FAC (not necessarily on Friday this week) if we can all pull it together. Sounded like Deb had something in the works.

One more thing, I heard a rumor that Nancy K. got a job out of state. Has anyone else heard anything? Think I will give her a call this week.

Take care everyone. Hope to see you all soon - somewhere, sometime!


debohara said...
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debohara said...

I heard that Nancy K. will be for Aurora Public Schools.

What's ESY anyway?

I'd love to meet with the FARTS for lunch/drinks or whatever. This week is busy, but maybe the following week we can all meet.

Enjoy your Sunday evening!


Deb said...

My understanding is that Nancy K has a principal job at Yale Elementary in Aurora. Maybe though since this came out, perhaps she has accepted a different job out of state?

IF you all do a get together after July 25th let me know...I am leaving for the beach Wednesday and will be gone until then.

Lori said...

Good to hear from you! Maybe we can all get together at the end of July when you and Deb S. will be back. It would be nice for everyone to be together before we start the new year.

b. said...

I like the idea of us all getting together before we begin a new school year. I'll be back in town on the 30th so let's look at the beginning of August.

ESY stands for Extended School Year - summer school for SPED students. Or as Callie Pfeiffer said, VBS (Vacation Bible School). I told her one would not see Ms. Neely at VBS.

Enjoy these waning precious days.


doris said...

I don't wanna talk about waning days! I am feeling thirsty, though, so please count me in on a happy hour.

Betty, so glad Larry's house is on the market. Giving birth vs. pulling the trigger ... go figure.

ellen said...

Betty-Have a fun time back east. I would love to see the FARTS before we start the new school year.