Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bar Louies

I had a really great time at Bar Louie's on Friday! You all looked so much happier and relaxed, but I could also sense that everything has taken a toll on us. We're all working so hard to adjust to our new situations and trying our best to make it work. You are all such amazing people and I cherish our friendship!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy hour Friday, September 25

Hi F.A.R.T.S (I really don't like that name but I don't know what else to call of you!)

A few of us were talking and I think another Ames Happy hour is in order for Friday the 25th!
How about Bar Louie in the Streets of Southglenn around 4 pm on Friday?
Hope to see you!

Monday, September 14, 2009

16 weeks

Well, one Duclon baby delivered and 2 more to go. My sister had her baby today via C-Section and I got to be the photographer in the room to see the whole thing. (If I dont have a job next year in LPS maybe I can be the videographer for A BABY STORY) I loved seeing everything it was so interesting. My sisters husband can not see any blood so I was the first to see Baby Broden and I even got to cut the cord!
Keith and I had our 16 week appt today too and everything looks good. The heart beat is healthy and in the 150's and I am starting to feel the beginning of little kicks now and then!!!
I will keep you posted we find out the sex on the 7th of October!!!

Miss you all!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

Last week was the end of my 2nd week of school (your 4th). It seems like I can't get caught up and stay on top of all the tasks I have to do; monthly newsletter, update web page, organize reading groups, plan for writing, figure out what the @#!% I'm doing with H.M. (phonics/PA), and the list goes on and on! Would you believe last Friday I unpacked another box of books and labeled quite a few book tubs? I managed to leave around 6:20. I'm happy to say that I wasn't the last one out of the building! Sound familiar, Sue and Ellen? So much for taking care of myself as in exercising. Well...I guess I needed to vent! I hope everyone is well and has a good week at school. I sure do miss seeing my friends at Ames, but know that you're in my thoughts and in my heart!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes....

With these changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes
Nothing remains quite the same
With all of my running and all of my cunning
If I couldn't laugh I just would go insane
--Jimmy Buffet

First staff (monthly) meeting this Wednesday
Collaboration and autonomy are living terms
PLC team (6 of us) scheduled to meet and share scoring of BOY writing samples
Back to School Night one week into school, 25% parents in attendance :(
PLC meeting stopped promptly at 10AM
Valet car service not so bad, but as daily duty---argh!
My student who cannot pronounce my name and calls me "teacher" gives me spontaneous hugs which melt my heart daily
My kids let me know faithfully when I have forgotten to read aloud to them daily (another time my heart melts)
Need help? Call I mean support staff....they are there in a flash
Still having trouble seeing how the HM Shared Reading is going to get everyone to grade level
Will have a group of 3, and one of 4, for GR--optimistic we will gain many levels!

Change is inevitable and healthy!

PS: I only "graze" truck drivers who stupidly stand in the road with my rear view mirror....Jim you are safe!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Austin's First Visit

On Tuesdays Austin has volunteered to help with my class with hands-on science and will stick around to assist in math. I will post video of his time with us on my class wikispace, but I will embed the video using my YouTube account later this week. E-mail me if you're interested and I'll add you as a friend! :)

Janet Stevens stopped by my school earlier this week: It was amazing to see how her ideas evolved as an illustrator/author. Her presentation complimented our focus on Personal Narratives wonderfully and I highly recommend her. She had three classes of fifth graders thoroughly engaged for an hour and a half...even seated on the floor!

Someone driving a green Volkswagon with a terrier sticker on the back drove right by me on the way to school last week. At first I was happy that they did not recognize me, then was thankful that the driver did not graze me with their rear-view mirror. :)

I am also still typing in my old copy number...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm with Rhonda on this one... Except, I finally figured out how to post! I was very happy to see so many friendly and FAMILIAR faces at Champps. For those who were not there... I was the baby of the group... and cried. Hope everyone has a great long weekend! I miss you all terribly!

I've finally joined!

Hey everyone! It sure was good to see so many of my Ames friends last Friday. I was so excited all week to see you. Have a great Labor Day weekend!