Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleepless in Summer

I have had one restless night after another and literally not sleeping!  I am working in my head all night long--need to put this there, create that, organize whatever in my new classroom; I am clearly stressed over getting it all together and RIGHT.  I finally got an RX for Ambien, but read the possible side effects, and fearing interference with asthma, heart, and getting hives found myself too scared to start it!  I have transposed two appts this week and even missed one because of this.  I just left the doctor's office having made the appt. fearing I am going deaf in my left ear (bad case of wax  GROSS...a first) and will have to treat over the weekend and return for more treatment to clear it up.  TMI ?  My point is I am extremely disorganized, missing information (sleep deprivation and not being able to hear).  I thought menopause was behind me....or maybe this is post menopause syndrome?  Anyway, please be patient with me!  And any ideas for getting to sleep and staying asleep beyond meds? 

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ellen said...

What a pain! I hope you are doing better this weekend. Lack of sleep is the cause of a lot of things! It makes you feel insecure because you're not thinking right! Hang in there.