Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi Friends

Hi Friends,

I am so glad that we can re-connect this way! I enjoyed seeing a few framiliar Ames faces at the Lit. Institute!

I have been sloowwlly moving into my new room :( What a pain in the butt!!! But I feel very lucky that I can move in all summer.

I am going to Ohio for the 4th of July! Whoo Hooo....fun summer trip!!! Then,....Vegas in July with some of my Fav....Ames Ladies!!!! Trip is still open to anyone who would like to join!!! ALL ARE WELCOME!!!! (July 13-16)

Talk to you guys later!!!!


doris said...

Hey, Janae! Glad to see you made it here, but sorry you're working so hard.

Deb said...

Hey--I have started unpacking and setting up my classroom as well....I am giving myself a break today...I don't know about you, but it is physically very tiring!