Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deja Vu?

I think it would be fun for us to share our observations each time we return to Ames for trainings/periods of Zen/adopt additional book room materials. Post your experiences on the comments link below.


Mr. R. said...

Earlier this summer district fifth grade teachers were invited to learn about some EEE best practices. Where? Ames (in Sara's former room).

Carol welcomed all attendees as usual at the front desk, then Vince and I caught up on the recent downfall of the Nuggets (some things may never change).

While walking down the lunchroom hallway outside of the gym, I walked past a phalanx of furniture destined for Newton.

Turning right, it was hard not to notice how empty and dark Ellen's room was. I also noticed that I accidentally left the student-created sign up above my door and the Jon Sciezka (http://www.jsworldwide.com/) mask by the TV (someone remarked that the face startled them because they thought it was a ghost in the window).

Many teachers who were present were floored by the sheer size of our (former) classrooms, especially the removable wall in the Resource room.

Finally someone also wondered aloud if the Ames Garden was like "Boot Hill" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boot_Hill).

How sad.

debohara said...

Wow...your story paints a ghostly picture! I don't know about you, but for me it seems like a part of me is grieving over the "death" of Ames as we knew it. I know it will all work out for the best as far as our new buildings/positions, but part of me still can't believe that the district closed Ames, excuse me, "repurposed" Ames! Sure seems like the district jumped right in and started making use of our building. Look at me, I say "our" feeling as though it belonged to us. I guess I'm a little possessive.

Good to hear from you, Jim!


Deb said...

I have been gradually unpacking at East..the room is small! We were lucky. And now that the door has officially closed, Deb--I don't think you are possessive, your heart is there...that is where you began your teaching career and have many years invested there. I have worked with both teachers and administrators that strongly believe a change in building is needed every 5-6 years. I was in the building for 11...5 too many. I have worked in a variety of demographics, communities, cultures....I am in much need of a change for some re-energizing. And also, the halls of East this summer feel ghostly...as your halls in your new buildings do....the halls always feel deserted and eerie when the children are not there.

ellen said...

Hi Jim-Wow, what a commentary about the building that once occupied so much of our time.
I am so glad that you wrote. I wanted you to have my home email : scottdean5@aol.com and if you wouldn't mind sending me yours so we can keep up on the scoop with the kids!
Brian is playing out in San Diego and was able to start in the games 3 weeks ago. Morgan leaves tomorrow for San Diego and I go out on the 4th to spend time with him and cheer. On the 8th Morgan and I fly up to Sacramento for a week with my folks.
Morgan is doing weight training and speed camp at Heritage 4 days a week since June 1. She thinks those freshman football players are pretty cute....here we go....
Hope you and the family are doing great. How was the TIE conference? I am sure you did great.
I hope you have fun plans for July with your family.
Take care,

Deb said...

Can we just walk into Ames and wander about? Can we still go to the Lit Library and take stuff? I am wishing I had brought a few more books....