Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hallway News

Not everyone, at the same time anyway, was around in our closing days at Ames to catch the latest breaking news in the hallways.  Be sure to post updates if you are going out of district, or to another building, or have been offered that coveted dream job!  I will be sure to post when I officially get my job at the Library of Congress as a reference librarian with a salary of 200K !  Hey, dreaming is healthy!


ellen said...

You better let me know! I want to come visit and we can site see in D.C.

Mr. R. said...

Rhonda, Ellen, Lisa, Sue, Janae, Deb S. and I each attended the Summer Lit. Institute and were able connect then.

I presented two wiki sessions at TIE last week at Copper Mountain, and here is a link to it: Yes, I was the one with the flat tire on the last day!

I am now sitting in an auditorium at LHS with other educators/principals from around the state taking part virtually in two sessions from the NECC in Washington, D.C.

NECC will be in our state next year; anyone wanna go/present with me?

Deb said...

When exactly is NECC next year? I know we will be returning to Duck NC to the beach with the family next for co-presenting....perhaps...I need to see how my class and tech is (really) going to look.