Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello everyone!

It's good to have the blog here for us to keep in touch, good idea and nice work getting that set up, Doris! My summer so far has been pretty laid back. I am moving into a new apartment next week, and I got to spend a weekend with my family in Grand Junction. Other than that, not much exciting has happened. I am, however, enjoying my first summer off as a teacher--it's absolutely amazing to have so much free time. I hardly know what to do with myself on most days...Anyways, I am taking a Martial Arts class, so that is getting me out and getting some exercise, which was one of my goals for the summer. It's really good to hear from all of you. Good luck moving into your classrooms (I haven't even started yet!) Deb--I feel for you with your sleep situation. I have gone through the same thing with not sleeping (though for different reasons). Have you tried doing some meditation or exercises to help? I know it's hard to relax, but you have to calm your mind down before you try to sleep. Focus on something else--you are going to be just fine in your classroom next year. I had the same sort of anxiety being a new teacher--you want to get everything right...well, know that it is OK to make some mistakes, you're never going to get everything right the first time. My advice is to try going for walks in the evening, get some exercise and tire yourself out. Drink some warm milk before you go to bed, or try some chamomile tea...Anyways, it's so good to hear from all of you.

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ellen said...

Paige-Have you found anything else yet, or are you going to keep the position at Hopkins? I hope you find something more in Littleton, or at least another position that will allow you to stay as an art teacher.
Are you moved into your new home? Are you close to Hopkins? Good for you to be doing a martial arts class! I agree that exercise helps your body relax-you are so pooped that you just fall asleep!
Take care, Ellen