Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Marbled Birthday Cake

...was made for me by one of new teammates A WEEK EARLY! Can you believe it?

Here's more amazing news: I have not consumed lunch ONCE in my classroom so far this year (RK can vouch for me). My new buddies must have a chunk of working-lunch kryptonite or something!

I have also started riding my bike to school once per week. Look for me on Bowles: I'm the one in sweating through the backpack full of pre-assessments that I'm hauling.

Latest Training: Thinking Maps
Topic of first BLT Meeting: Mentor Texts/Bookroom Organization
Topic of latest Team Meeting: Organizing three ability-grouped math classes across the grade level via NWEA/CSAP scores.
Topic of most recent FARTS reflection: (During first Unit of Study) What would Sara say right now?

I think about you "guys" probably once a day still!


Deb said...

First, I have traded places with you....I can't get out of my room now for lunch.

I will honk at you when I see you biking on Bowles...but I have a question about arriving at school sweaty? Ooooo!

Are you "Mind Mapping"?

I have determined, even though you guys talked about this over and over, that LC is very confusing and hard to follow (or maybe I am really stupid).

When your personal day is approved, which I am certain it will be, I look forward to seeing you!

Oh, and did you get that secret handshake down?

Anonymous said...

I saw the Halls at Back to School Night last night..they are going to be in my art class at Hopkins this year! That's great. They said they will miss you this year on LPS online....

Janae Duclon-Snyder said...

Dont you love thinking maps? I did them in Florida...let me know if you have any ?....I really liked doing them! Im proud of you for eating lunch with everyone...too bad you couldnt have done that last year- it would have made the lounge so much more fun!

ellen said...

Good for you for riding your bike to school!
I hope things go well for you. It is a whirlwind isn't it?
Miss you,

Sara Tierney said...

Hi Jim--
I miss teaching with you but your ears must be ringing over at Centennial b/c I was just talking to Neal, our tech guy, about you. He was impressed with my WIKI and I told him it was all b/c of you! He said he took your class at TIE and that you were awesome! I was lucky to teach with you as long (or short) as I did.
Eating in the lunch room, seriously?? Are you tracking that on your PGP? Can you get to 100% all year? I know you can...
miss you and hope to see you tomorrow?! Please tell RK that I said hi. By the way,the mom of one of my students is the special ed person there, hanson?
have a great friday..

Lori said...

Jim- I give you a 4 on the effort rubric for eating in the staff lounge! How cool that you are able to ride your bike to school!