Friday, August 7, 2009

August 6, 2009 - For Sean

It is hard to imagine
How only a few months ago
We all sat wondering
Where we would be
Worrying, hoping, praying
That we would have someplace to go

It is easy to imagine
How right now
You are cracking a sarcastic joke
About how YOU landed the best place of all.
Smiling over us.
Wowing the angels with your vocabulary.

I can also imagine
how you would not want us
To cry, mourn, or ruminate
But I will
Not because I don’t care
But because I do


Deb said...

Sweet Sara, thank you for being our voice to Sean. God bless you. Deb

ellen said...

Wow-what a beautiful poem-what a lovely tribute.
Take care of you, Ellen

Mr. R. said...


debohara said...

Makes me think that nothing happens by chance...thank you, Sara. Thank you, God, for blessing us all with our friend, Sean! We will always remember him!!

Lori said...

Your words capture Sean perfectly. Beautiful poem Sara...

doris said...

Perfect, Sara.

Sara Tierney said...

Thank you for honoring him in such a perfect way---I can't believe he is gone but I know he made a HUGE difference in every child/adult that he came across and they are better people/students/learners for it. I know I am a better teacher for working with him (but my vocabulary is still not half as good as his!)