Monday, August 3, 2009

Lunch on Wed.

I decided to write a new post so everyone can see it! Lets meet at Merles in Downtown Littleton (Paige that is on Main Street off of Santa Fe and Bowles---Main is the one way going west before you get to the Melting Pot)
at 11:30 on Wed.

I hope to see everyone there!!!



Mr. R. said...

Great place,great food.

I'm checking with my other half for final permission, but I'm planning on being there.

If I'm late it's because my wife is working student registration for his school up to 11:00.

doris said...

I may just make it!

debohara said...

I'll be there, too!

b. said...

Sorry but I will miss it - I'll be down the street at TerraCotta having lunch on Wednesday with an old family friend. Stop by!

Lori said...

I will be there! I believe Sara is planning on going also!

Deb said...

Just sent an email to get word out to more people, see you all tomorrow. Hugs, Deb