Saturday, October 3, 2009

When You Think You're Done, You've Just Begun

a year of songs: number 21

  • Thursday, May 21st (from the Denver Airport): In Littleton, CO the powers that be are closing Lewis Ames Elementary School. In a time of too big to fail, we also have too small to save, I guess. So this sweet little, high performance school asked me to come and mark the final days in song. This song took shape in a meeting with teachers and staff and was recorded in a classroom. Here's number 21, "When You Think You're Done, You've Just Begun".

  • I love this song and had to post the site. I hope it works...if not , here is the address to the site---

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Janae Duclon-Snyder said...

Oh Sara...this song still makes me cry...I dont know if I can listen to it!!!