Saturday, September 5, 2009

Austin's First Visit

On Tuesdays Austin has volunteered to help with my class with hands-on science and will stick around to assist in math. I will post video of his time with us on my class wikispace, but I will embed the video using my YouTube account later this week. E-mail me if you're interested and I'll add you as a friend! :)

Janet Stevens stopped by my school earlier this week: It was amazing to see how her ideas evolved as an illustrator/author. Her presentation complimented our focus on Personal Narratives wonderfully and I highly recommend her. She had three classes of fifth graders thoroughly engaged for an hour and a half...even seated on the floor!

Someone driving a green Volkswagon with a terrier sticker on the back drove right by me on the way to school last week. At first I was happy that they did not recognize me, then was thankful that the driver did not graze me with their rear-view mirror. :)

I am also still typing in my old copy number...

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debohara said...

I'm so glad that Austin has continued to volunteer. He probably told you that he's at Franklin, too, helping Rick Reid teach science. I'm not sure what else he's doing, but probably a little bit of everything. What a great big heart that man has!!

It's funny you mentioned Janet Stevens. I've been trying to clean up around my home "office" space and I found a photo of myself, Janet, and her sister (I think her name is Susan), which was taken at CCIRA years ago. She's one of my favorite author/illustrators. I also have a picture of myself and Mary Pope Osborne. Do you have contact info for Janet Stevens? I'm sure I can find it on her website.

We have Curriculum Night this Thursday - yikes - it always makes me a little nervous.

Let's have another get together soon since I missed the last one.

Hope you all are enjoying the "not-long-enough" longer weekend!