Monday, November 16, 2009

Intermediate Playground Duty

On the way in to work this morning, I remembered with a twinge of sadness how much fun it was to have duty on the Ames intermediate playground on mornings like this.

I always enjoyed the challenge of ensuring that the boys did not slide themselves into a broken collar bone or stitches from a fall near the drainage grate on the basketball court.

Even to this day I can vividly recall bringing in the students on the intermediate playground after personally observing a close call!

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Deb said...

What I miss about morning intermediate playground duty is the time talking with the kids...only seeing them a few times a week only allowed for few teacher student relationships beyond academia. I loved it when the kids would run up to me and tell me about what was going on in their lives...and the times they would huddled around me to keep warm on the colder days. AND what I really miss is that our kids had very few and infrequent problems with one another...morning arrival was actually quite a pleasant experience with your kids ("intermediate hall teachers") --Deb